Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Crafts

This season the three and I did several Christmas crafts; I'd say more failed than were a success, but we did have a good time.
I tried to make more gifts this year. For the gifts--like bean soup mix and chai tea--that we gave in jars, I had the children color squares of fabric to tie around the tops. They enjoyed this, and I thought it added to the appeal of the gifts.
The babes really love snow globes, so much so that they've broken all the glass ones we have had. The one plastic one we have they have learned to take the stopper out of. So, I thought it might be fun to make our own snow globes. I learned a few things. I think we'll try again next year, making a few changes. There are two main two things I'd do differently. One is buy cheaper glitter. I just grabbed some Martha Stewart stuff and it was very fine. I think that courser, heavier glitter would look better. Also, I would attach the lid by itself and then once the hot glue had cooled, screw on the ring. I tried to attach and lid and ring at the same time and it was hard to get them on in a timely manner. Elliott's I never was able to screw on tight because the glue adhered while the thing was all caddywompus*. The only other issue is getting the Santa (or other) figurine to stay stuck to the lid. They came apart after a while in the water. I need to research a better glue, and I also think I should have glued the figurines and let them sit before putting them in the water. We'll try this again next year though.
For the employees that work with H, the babes and I dipped and decorated pretzels and, along with a packet of hot cocoa, put them in decorated bags. This was a lot of fun and I feel like went well. I thought they turned out to be nice little, simple gifts.

Our colossal failure of the season was the gingerbread house. First of all, we didn't get to them until the 26th. Second of all they did not stay put. We ended up making gingerbread cookies. As with the snow globes, I think it would have been better to do the project in stages. Let the icing holding the house together set up before turning three pre-schoolers over to it. (Obvious, I know.) I find it hard, though, to gear up for a project--get them excited, get all supplies ready, find chunk of time, etc.--and then not complete it at one sitting. But, they are getting older and I am (maybe) getting wiser. Next year I really want to do this early in the season so we can enjoy the gingerbread house all season. We went to their teacher Miss Debbie's house the day before Christmas to take her a gift. She had the most elaborate gingerbread houses that she had done with her children and grandchildren. She does them every year. I thought it was so neat. It was obviously something she really enjoys doing and then enjoys throughout the holidays. She inspired me to make more of an effort. I think LEM are getting to the age where we can really get into the project and, hopefully, we can put the houses out to enjoy and them not torment me to death trying to eat all the candy off them. We'll see!

Because the house fell apart after a short while, we ended up just making gingerbread...wait for it...cookies. Genius, huh?

We hope your holidays were sweet and that you enjoyed the mishaps along with the successes.

* I cannot find how to correctly spell caddywompus. I probably do not even know how to pronounce it correctly. It is a word my Grandma uses, and I try to use as many of the interesting words and sayings that she uses as I can. Perhaps I should ask her how to spell it. I know she knows.


Loving Landon said...

Our gingerbread house fell in at the roof - a failure - those are hard. I might by a pre-made one next year and then he can decorate it :)

Aunt patti said...

Katie, Great pics and I am sure the "house" cookies were great. I know your caddywampus word too but for some reason I spell it kaddiewampus. My Nan always used that word and to me it mean everything was askew....Miss you AP