Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a fun Christmas this year. We were at home for Christmas for this first time since the babes were just a few months old. It was nice to be low-key and mellow and just enjoy being together. Also, this was the first year since the three were born that I really enjoyed decorating for Christmas. Before it was just too much of a stress.
The two pictures above are of the three at our parsonage's Holiday Open House. The first picture shows them singing "Go Tell It On the Mountain," led by their Nana.

We had a strange phenomenon occur this Christmas. Around the property, random trees were decorated with tin can lids. When we first noticed them I said, "Y'all, look at that tree. What do you think those are?" Immediately Lucia exclaimed "Goldens!" I don't know where she got that from, but that is what we called them from then on out. The three think that Santa, his elves, and their Nana hung the goldens up around our place.
We went down to Nana and Papa's for Christmas Eve supper and exchanged gifts with them then.

Here is our tree in all its glory. While we didn't get all the ornament on the tree this year, we got the most yet on it. Maybe next year we will fill the thing up.
Santa came and was quite good to us. The favorite gifts were a train table and a Dora the Explorer microphone. Both have brought us lots of entertainment.

Mazie especially enjoyed opening her stocking and opening presents this year. She'd have opened everybody's everything if we'd have let her.

For Christmas Dinner we went to the J House. Lots of family friends came and we all ate tons of delicious food.

We hope your holiday was filled with light and love.

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