Sunday, December 12, 2010

Disney Parades

We had several people ask us what we thought about taking the three to Disney at their age. (They were 3.25 yo.) I had originally thought we'd wait and take them to Disney when they were closer to five years old. I just thought that would be a fun age to go to Disney for the first time.
But I think they had a great time at Disney and the experience was very age-appropriate. I remember going a lot in high school and having a great time. I think there is just such a wide range of things to do so the experience applies to all ages. Plus, there is magic there for all to enjoy.
Some rides were really great for us: submarine, carousel, Dumbo, tea cups, Peter Pan, and, our favorite, we rode each day, Small World. And really, these were enough rides for us.
The two greatest parts of Disney that we enjoyed though, were the parades and meeting the characters. This made all the time, money, and effort worth it. The parades were fantastic. Choreography, music, interaction, costumes, props, floats. All of it was 100% Disney-wonderful.
And at the end of the parades, they always made snow and had fireworks. Magic for children, magic for anyone.

Another thing that I really enjoyed were the holiday decorations. That made the trip extra special. I think next time we plan to go to Disney, I'll try to get us to go during the holiday season. Not only were the crowds tolerable, the place was even more beautiful.

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Reckless said...

I agree! Disney is extra magical during the holidays; you just can't lose.