Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will y'all be our Valentine?

H and I took the three to their day care's Valentine's Day party. It was neat for us to stand back and observe them. They seemed so much older to us: sitting at the table, interacting with others, being content without us right there.
Here is Lu getting her bag of treats from their teacher, Miss Debbie.
She loved the balloon.
Mama Bee and E reading a book from his bag of treats.
E, enjoying a cookie and punch.
Maze with her new bracelet and a sucker.
All three of the children were double-fisted eaters.

One of our favorite things to notice while at the party was how Lucia is so good at sharing. She tried to share just about all of her treats with the other kids, including her brother and sister. It was so sweet to watch her go up to others and offer them a bite.

We hope you had a Valentine's day filled with love.

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