Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beads & Moon Pies

Yesterday we attended our town's second Mardi Gras parade. Last year's Mardi Gras parade was the babies very first outing. I must say, this year was much more fun. Instead of being held or sitting in a triple stroller, this year they spent a little time in our trusted wagon and then hopped up (with a little help) onto the bed of their Papa's truck.
I noticed that the three don't ever smile at parades. They don't act afraid or bored. They watch everything attentively, but, they don't ever smile or laugh. Perhaps they are overwhelmed with all the sights and sounds.
The beads and moon pies, as they are with everyone, I think, were the biggest hits for our children. I don't think they could have put on enought beads, and, if we'd let them, I think they'd have eaten their weight in moon pies.

Here is H going through the loot we brought home. Our friends, the J boys, hooked us up with some terrific prizes like swords, footballs, tambourines, frisbies, masks, and fire department beads. We brought home more stuff than you could shake a stick at.

Here is Lu with her favorite find of the day: a giant toothbrush.
Maybe the giant toothbrushes will help eliminate the stains brought on by our giant cigars.

We hope your Mardi Gras is especially fat and festive.

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