Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Atlanta

During our trip to Atlanta we were able to see lots of loved ones in a short amount of time. H and I loved living in Atlanta (okay, I loved every second of it, she liked it some of the time). We usually stay with our friends Summer and Rachael when we go back to visit. To get to their house it is quicker to go around the city, but H and I love to drive into Atlanta so we can see the skyline and then drive down Ponce through Decatur. We do it every time we visit.

Here is Lu playing with Wyatt and Parks' toys.
Parks, sharing his books.
Wyatt, just up from his nap.
Elliott in the boys' cool play tent, also Parks.
Elliott and Parks playing together. (Notice my child has not only taken off his shoes, but his socks too.)
Here the babes are in Auburn. We spent the night with our friend Michelle. She is showing the three her German Sheppard. They loved him. She also has flying squirrels they got to see.
We spent part of an afternoon with my Grandma. Here is Aunt Nancy with Lu and Grandma's poodle Misty.
Mazie at the big people's table. The children ate Sprayberry's BBQ for the first time this trip. I ordered them Brunswick stew. I thought they'd love it. They wouldn't touch it. The barbeque they loved.
Grandma can't slow Elliott down.
Grandma, Misty, and Lucia.
Mazie was in two new phases this trip. One was to wear her hat all day. They other was to take off her left shoe and sock while traveling. She has moved out of the hat phase, not the left shoe and sock phase.
Mama Bee and Maze reading Seth's books in Atlanta.
The three really enjoyed playing with all the new toys at Seth's house. Rachael keeps a few other children so they have a lot of neat toys. Lucia and Elliott in the house.
Lots of activity.
We drew with chalk for the first time. They also had a short slide the babes played on.
Lucia playing with Seth's cycle. Seth is currently obsessed with bicycles. He calls them cackles.
Elliott is checking for mail.
Mazie is riding that horsey to town.
Seth's Grandpa (Grumps) patiently sharing his quiche and muffins with our little beggar children.
We were so happy to see the lovely Amy too. She makes Lucia laugh.
Here is Mr. Setheroni. He shares his cool toys so well.
Wow. Mazie loves the cube.
So does Lu.
"We've got to get us one of these things."
Before we left Elliott decided it was really fun to play on Top of the train table. You can tell from the way he is cutting his eyes over at me that he knows this is not a good idea.
We enjoyed our time in Atlanta and can't wait to get back.

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