Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night Apart

Another first in our household--we split the babies up for a night. H and I decided to get away for a night Valentine's weekend. Elliott went to Karen and Kevin's to stay. The girls went to Nana and Papa's.
Everybody did well. The girls had a great time, almost as much fun as Nana and Papa. H's mom said they asked for Bubby a few times, but were very content.
According to Karen and Kevin, Elliott never missed any of us. He played all day and even got to go to McDonald's for the first time. He brought home Ronald on a bicycle as a souvenir.
H and I enjoyed our day tooling around. We saw the new house of some friends, went out to eat, saw a movie. Then, like the crazies we are, decided to come home and spend the night in our own bed instead of traveling further to the beach. Man, we are getting old.

H and I were glad when our family was back together. But, it is nice knowing that this is a good option for us in the future. Thank you to all who helped.

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