Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rainy Days

The older the children get, the tougher rainy days are to get through. Also, our morning walks have been our biggest help in transitioning to one nap a day. So, with the rain yesterday, our morning was very long. I know my morning was very long, and I feel it was a long morning for the children as well. In an effort not to go insane, I pulled out the art supplies Grancy had given the babes last week--desperate times, desperate measures.
We colored with markers and then finger painted. The entire activity time might have eaten 30 minutes of our long morning (it was a very long morning, did I mention that?), but it helped us get to lunch time. I can't say they really enjoyed their first art time. They really didn't know what to do with their markers and paint, but we'll keep working on it. We did think their first pieces were beautiful.
We hope your day is filled with color and beauty.


Deirdre Walsh said...

Ooh, rainy days with 3 sound a bit like a nightmare to me. You are wonderful (and brave) to try the art projects! I wish you much sun...or at least cloudy skies where the rain stays in them. :)

mom/grancy (grancie) said...

dear ones,

so glad to see them using the finger paints. they'll get more used to them and get better as time goes on.
it looked like they were just using their trays.

when they actually use paper, will you please send me one from each of them with the name and date? they'll look great on the refrigerator!

love and lots of hugs and kisses to each of you, mom/grancy

Loving Landon said...

Landon loves painting too! shaving cream is also fun.....or whipped cream...also rice play - can use sand toys!