Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bean Counters

We got this activity from Cousin Avery and Uncle Jon. Jelly Bean counting. I give each child a Dixie cup and I put jelly bellies in the middle. We do different counting methods. We'll count together. I'll make them count to a certain number by themselves. Sometimes I'll tell them if they can put seven beans in their cup then they can eat them.
Counting objects is not a skill that comes easily at this age. We just always try and if they need my help, I'll do it with them. Counting aloud is easier for them than counting objects. Still, I think it is good to expose them to skills just beyond their reach, as long as we don't frustrate or overwhelm them.
We count pretty well to 20. When we are counting objects we definitely stay under ten. Avery can count to about 400, I think. (Last time I heard, which was several months ago, she could count to 40.) Out of our three, I'd say Elliott is the strongest counter, but they all do just fine. So, we'll keep plugging along with our counting beans.

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