Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camera Phone Dump

I am doing a phone camera dump. I suspect this is how it will go for a while. Above is a picture of Mazie, ready and waiting to go to the eye doctor. She has on her money that H recently bought the children, her Minnie Mouse sunglasses, and her Sunday best. The girl wants to get on the road.

We eat a lot of Nillas in our house, specifically Mini Nillas. One of our favorite things to happen is to get twins--two Nillas stuck together. Occasionally someone might get triplets. Imagine Mazie's delight when she reached in to the box and pulled out sextuplets.

I took the girls out for a fun day. We went and got their hair cut. We played at the park.
We ate lunch.
We went to a bakery and got cupcakes.
We went back to the park.
We went to a health food store that had shopping carts just for them. We had a wonderful day together. Elliott enjoyed spending most of his day with Nana and Papa.

Lucia plays a lot at night before she finally gives in to sleep. She does all sorts of things. Her favorite activities are singing, leading school for her animals, and putting her animals to bed as seen below.
A lady near where we live makes this Halloween spider. She did it last year too. It has been a source of great glee and entertainment for two autumns now. The three always want to drive by the "fider." This year they talk a lot about whose window, or side of the car, the spider will be on. The good thing is, we have to drive by the spider, turn around, and then come back home. So, everyone gets a turn to have the fider on their side.

Mazie and I went to the eye doctor for checkups and both got good reports. She and I spent a little time in the big city, going to lunch with our friend Aunt Whit and doing a little shopping. We had a lovely day together. He she is captivated by candy.
She was enthralled with the babies.
Mazie picked out her Halloween costume: a flying horse.
Here is Mazie waiting for her lunch.
Lucia still loves her puzzles. She got the puzzle of the United States for her birthday.

When I take them to the park in town, Mazie will climb to the top of the ginormous slide but then doesn't want to go down the slide. Elliott has only made it halfway up the steps.

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