Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Tip

We have a deep freeze. I don't think we could survive without it. It stays full. Mostly of milk, meats, and vegetables. Though I recently bought about 20 pounds for frozen fruit from a church in a community near us. The sight of my freezer's contents usually overwhelms me, so recently I pulled everything out. I used small boxes (about the size wipes come in) and organized everything. Then, the most helpful thing I did was to make a list of everything in the freezer. I put squares out next to the items we had several of. As I pull something out, I check off the box. If it is an item I have a lot of, like 18 bags of corn, I just write a hatch mark out to the side. I always know how much I have. I'll have to make a new list every few months as I add more things and get rid of others. I clipped a pen to the shelf above the freezer so I never have to hunt one. Maybe this will help someone from going freezer crazy.

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