Monday, March 28, 2011


We did a crazy thing this month. Something we'd yet to do. We split up the family. Mazie* and I took a plane across the country to see my sister and her growing family. It was hard on some accounts but good in many ways also.
H did a great job holding down the fort at home. Mazie and I missed them terribly but had a fantastic time. We were glad to go and glad to get home.
On a rainy, rainy Sunday, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. They had thee great stations all around the aquarium that were manned by volunteens. So, Avery and Mazie got to feel a large turtle shell, pick up shark teeth and feel sea urchins.

Another fun thing we did was go for yogurt a few times. Mazie enjoyed picking her flavors and toppings.

In case you are wondering, all the gummies were left to wallow in melted yogurt. Even the three-year-old quickly realized gummy bears and worms don't taste as good in cold yogurt.
Here is Baby Landon, enjoying his yogurt. I mean nap.
We went to the beach a few times. One time Uncle Jon ran with Avery and Mazie in the stroller down to the beach and Karen, Landon, and I met them there for a walk along the Strand.

The area Karen and Jon moved to has lots of little parks in the neighborhood. We went everyday to the various parks. Swings, slides, monkey bars, even a rock wall.

We loved our time with Avery, Landon, Uncle Jon, and Tia Karen. Thank you for being so good to Mazie and me. We look forward to our next time together.

Tia Karen sent us home with fun gifts for Lucia and Elliott. A headband and a bucket full of sharks.
*Mazie was chosen for the California trip because Elliott and Lucia got to go away for football weekends last fall.


Reckless said...

that's wonderful! i hope you keep up the "splitting up" tradition for a long time to come. landon is a doll! we need a chat.

Loving Landon said...

I think alone time with each of them is great! Looks like you guys had fun...congrats to Karen and her family - and of course I LOVE Landon's name :) :) :)

Love to you all -

karen said...

Love you all, it was so wonderful to have you and mazie here. we look forward to your next trip out, anytime. makes me tear up just thinking about how great it was. until we are all together again... love you!

The Sweetest Bean said...

We are so glad that you and Mazie had such a wonderful time and a big adventure visiting Karen and her beautiful family! We'd love to have one, or two, or all five of you come to visit! (hint, hint) Love to you all!

Amy said...

So happy for you and Mazie...although a little envious that you all got to see those sweet little children, Avery and Landon (and the proud parents too). They are the most precious five children I have ever seen. And, could Avery be any cuter?? She is a mini-Karen, love her hair and her beautiful smile!