Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sayings, v.3.6

The babes turned three-and-a-half a few days ago. Here are some of the things they've been saying lately.
Holly had taken the old dryer out of the laundry room and it was out in the middle of the great room. Lucia walked in and said with much enthusiasm, "Oh, that's a cute laundry" when she saw the old dryer.

Elliott found an orange toy pistol outside. He said, "My gun! I've missed you so much." Then he threw it down on the ground and said, "but I'm blowing bubbles right now."

Lucia said, "I could carry eachbody's balloon."

I love the way Elliott says pizza puzzles instead of pieces of puzzle: "We're missing some pizza puzzles."

Mazie said one day that we were going to go for a hi-walk. (hike/walk)

Lucia sometimes uses notice for know.
"Mama, kinkajous sleep during the day. Did you notice that?"

Elliott loves to ask me what week it is for what day of the week it is: "Mama, what week is it? I think tomorrow is today."
We had a serious storm the middle of the week. After a particularly loud boom, Elliott said, "I don't like the loud tunder. I like the sleepy tunder."
Mazie, when practicing writing an M and an N said two things I though were interesting. One, because I have no idea what she meant, the other because she was transferring what she knew about colors to letters. She said, "

"N is perfully an M." and "N is a shade of M."

We watch a lot of DVDs in the car. Recently we've been listening to more music in the car and really enjoying it. Lucia told the others on a recent trip, "Y'all, we're going to watch 'Little Bunny Foo Foo on the music."

In trying to make his point, Elliott said, "Listen to the deal of me."

When we were at the beach for Mardi Gras driving back to the cabin, Mazie said, "We're going back to the cabinet."

Mazie made a little dot on the screen of my phone with a Sharpie. Lucia brought me the phone and said, "Mama, look at that little spreckle Mazie made."

When the three were discussing what instruments they wanted to play in the band, Mazie and Lucia decided they wanted to play the bum-trone.

Another day they were discussing what state they lived in.

Elliott: "I live in Georgia."

Lucia: "I live in Mississippi."

Mazie: "I live in Texaco."

Lucia was playing on her tricycle and told me to watch her. She said, "Hey, I got a great I-trick." (Idea+trick)

Mazie thinks every time any one says which that they are saying witch. Her eyes will get big and she'll say, "Oooohh, witch."

When Lucia sings Jingle Bells, she sings "Oh mut fun it is to bride."

Elliott calls pretzels print-zells.

Another warm day, Lucia and Mazie took off all their clothes and went running outside. Lucia said, "Mazie, let's go play with our nekkid selves."

Mazie, with a white blanket on her head, "A ghost bees white."

From the following, you can probably tell we've been a bit sick this winter, our sickest winter yet.

One evening I overheard Mazie telling her brother and sister that sometimes we go to the doctor to get our germs fixed.

Mazie touched her forehead and said, "This is where your fever lives."

When Lucia is trying to convince us she is sick, she'll put her hand on her forehead and say, "But, I'm warmer. Bee, I am warmer." To Lu, fever=warmer.

We have started calling Elliott the negotiator. With Mardi Gras candy in hand, he told me, "My belly wont feel good if I can't eat this candy."

Then, yesterday when we were getting ready for school, he said, "I don't need to brush my teeth because I'm wearing a hat. If you wear a hat you don't have to brush your teeth."


Patricia said...

Katie girl, It just gets better and better. Love, AP

Reckless said...

So sweet. Precious, precious, precious! I love N being a shade of M. Miss and love you!