Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mardi Gras

"Oh No, another Mardi Gras?"
Went went south again this year to celebrate Mardi Gras. The weather was a little crazy. Parades were canceled. We were only able to go to one parade--on Fat Tuesday. But it was worth the wait. We filled a wagon up completely with beads, Moon Pies, stuffed animals, and other fun items.
While on the coast, we were able to go to our favorite zoo. There were some interesting animals that were out this trip that we hadn't seen before. Lu enjoyed feeding the capybera. (I didn't see the 'Don't feed me. I bite' sign until we were finishing up. Luckily the guy was friendly.) We also got to see a bunny rabbit who hadn't shown his face to us before. The three chased him around awhile.
We took another picture on our favorite little carousel.
I think I've mentioned before how Elliott is obsessed with sharks. every night when I lie down with him he asks "What's your favorite shark?" or says "Let's talk about sharks."

While we were at the beach, the babes turned 3 1/2. So, to celebrate I took them to a souvenir store. We looked at the novelties inside and took a few pictures. Then we bought some salt water taffy. It was a fun little excursion to celebrate that milestone. Our parade was lots of fun. Three children in matching shirts and celebratory hats garner a lot of attention and goodies. They had their picture taken by quite a few people and their wagon was overflowing by the end of the parade.

On our drive home after the parade, we made one of our favorite stops--a bookstore. It is a great place to stretch our legs, use the restrooms, and get a drink (and a book or two!).
H had to leave before Tuesday, so when we got home the three had an impromptu parade for her. Showering her with all their Mardi Gras goodies.
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

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