Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dancing Queens

Our two girls went to a baton camp this weekend. It was all day. All day as in 9:00 to 4:00. It was a very long day for them without a rest, but all the energy kept them going.

Above is a picture of them with their favorite teachers, SW & J. They were very sweet and patient with our two and all the other girls in the youngest class.

At 3:30 the classes put on a performance. There were three classes and the three classes took turns performing three routines. Then they also all danced to one song together.
I hated any kind of performing when I was a child. I hate it even more now. The only performances I really enjoyed were when I was in orchestra--as in one of many. Lucia has always loved attention. I knew she'd do fantastic. I really thought Mazie would be more tentative, more shy. She wasn't. She was just as comfortable as Lucia. The girls had a great time.
And I have to say I Loved watching them. H, her mom, her grandmother, Elliott, and I went to cheer them on. Both Lucia and Mazie were very engaging and really enjoyed what they were doing.
I will never forget watching my girls perform for the first time. I know there will be lots more practices and games and performances in our future, but this first time will be one I'll never forget. I was surprised how much joy it brought me to see my girls out there having a great time.

A few nights after baton camp, I heard Mazie singing the words to A Chorus Line: "Me! You! Give me your attention."

Lucia dances just about everyday. It doesn't matter what she does, usually some sort of twisting and kicking, she always says she is doing a plie'.

We are so proud of our girls and how great they did at baton camp. Thank you to Miss Caty and all her girls for going such a great job.

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Reckless said...

sometimes I still get tears in my eyes watching a performance or a game... and Miss Noteworthy is 12. It's just so amazing to watch someone you love (and carried in your body)... love you.