Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lucia Rolling Over

Finally! I have at least 30 minutes of footage of Lucia almost but not quite rolling over. Elliott and Mazie have been rolling over for almost a month now. Lucia loves to roll on to her side and teeter up on her left shoulder only to plop back on to her back. This morning I caught her trying to roll over again--this time with success. We have been looking for her to roll over for several weeks now so forgive all the cheering and gushing. Elliott is proud of her too.


NanaLin said...

WTG Lucia. Love the videos, makes me feel like I am there. Thanks for sharing.....now slow those babies down.

Love you all

Rap Report said...

yay!!! avery is so proud of lulu. she says "now come catch me!" love the smiles too. keep em coming.

mom/grancy (grancie) said...

dear lucia,

wow! you really worked hard to turn completely over. you must feel so proud of your accomplishment.

i can't wait to see you turn over and over in a couple of days. keep practicing.

loads and loads of love to you and bro and sis and both mommas, grancy