Monday, February 11, 2008

Steady Growing

The nurse came yesterday to weigh the babies for their sixth round of RSV shots. There are a lot of viruses and flus going around our area (probably your area too) right now. We feel like the shots have helped us stay well thus far. We do know of several other families in our community whose children and babies have RSV.

Here are the weights of the babies and how much they've gained the past month:

Lucia--13# 4 oz
a gain of 1# 10 oz

Elliott--14# 8 oz
a gain of 2# 3 oz

Mazie--11# 14 oz
a gain of 1# 9 oz

This weekend we changed their feeding schedule. We increased their volume per feed and dropped a feed. They now eat four meals and one snack a day for a total of 28 ounces. Saturday night we dropped their dream feed [where before the parent goes to bed for the night he or she feeds baby without rousing the baby too much]; they all slept through the night. Elliott woke up at five am; the girls had to be woken up after six to take their first bottle of the morning. We are still getting used to the new schedule, but I am looking forward to less time feeding...until we introduce solids next month. Carrots and peas--here we come.

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