Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sleeping Positions

My favorite sleeping position is on my stomach with one knee bent and cocked out to the side. Ahhh, I will always remember the first time after the babies were born that I was able to roll onto my stomach and bring that left knee up and sleep the night away. That night did not come until we had been home for about a month. Measuring 51 weeks pregnant the night before I delivered, my sleep positions had become very limited. The last few weeks I could not roll over and had to get out of bed to change sides. I could not sleep on my back by then. As large and limited as I was, I never had a sleepless night while pregnant. I realize this is another one of the many miracles that occurred during my pregnancy, and I am grateful for it.

The babies are beginning to show their favorite sleep positions. I was so excited when I went in to check on them during naptime last week and Mazie was on her stomach with her left knee bent up. Here are their favorites:

Lucia loves to put her feet against the crib. She is the reason we went out and bought these breathable bumper pads as she got her leg caught between the crib slats in the middle of the night a few times (thanks for the rec Tia Karen).
Elliott loves to curl his knees up under his belly and stick his bum in the air. He sleeps like this almost all the time. In the morning he has red circles on his knees.

Mazie has several different ways she sleeps. As is mentioned above, one of her favorites is on her stomach with her knee bent out to the side.
We hope you have a restful night of sleep tonight.

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GrandPa said...

They bring tearful joy to me...wish we could see them....luall..G'Pa