Monday, February 25, 2008

Knock Knock

I fear we are knocking at the door of the house of sick. So far I think only Lucia has stepped through the doorway.

Here are the facts:
Everyone seems to feel fine; they are all eating well.
No one is running a fever.
Since Thursday or Friday the three have been coughing.
These aren't ugly coughs.
Since Saturday, Lucia's nose has been red.
Since Saturday I've had to aspirate Lucia several times a day as she has had copious amounts of stuff in her nose. (She hates this.)
Since Saturday Lucia cries out when she is lying flat because she can't breathe comfortably.
Monday morning her left eye is swollen and a little red.

I have been dreading our first experience with illness, and I am still not sure this will really count. We are two weeks shy of six months old; I really wanted to make it six months without them catching anything. But, "they" say getting sick is what helps children build their immune systems. As with anything in life, there are positives and negatives to what ever situation you are in. Hopefully this will just be a short visit to the house of sick.

We hope you are feeling well.


Amy said...

Hey there Katie
I hope this little brush with the stuffy nose passes quickly. After having spent all of last night up with a stuffy head and asthma from cat allergies, I hate to think of the little angels getting sick and feeling that way. You are right though about building their immune systems. And you are very close to the six month marker...enough to say they made it as they will only get stronger and stronger.

I am loving their pics on this blog and your stories and humor as well. Can not wait to see you all this summer!
Love Amy Newton

Amanda said...


Landon is also suffering a cough right now! Landon love it when we prop him in boppy to lie on his back - it helps w/the nasal drainage - or if you have a sleeping wedge OR a pillow under the crib mattress to elevate her.... hope she feels better!

ps - Johnson and Johnson has a eucalyptus was which always helps loosen up LPLK’s nose! – Then you don’t have to spray stuff up the nose at least.

Love to all five from us three