Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Five Months

This week we turn five months old. In just one month we will be halfway to our first birthday, can you believe it? Things are going well for the three of us. We are learning lots of new skills and interacting with others more and more. We are beginning to reach out and touch our mamas' mouths as they talk to us. We enjoy looking at the pages of the book being read to us. We smile at our parents all the time, but just tonight, for the first time, Mazie and Elliott smiled at each other. They were laying in Elliott's crib. Mazie kept touching his head, and they were playing with one another's hands. Mazie has been smiling at us all week trying to get us to reciprocate. Tonight Elliott obliged her. It was a very sweet little celebration of our advancing personalities. Love, Lucia (& Elliott & Mazie)

Here are a few of the new things we learned to do this month:

pick her head up off the floor
roll from stomach to back
express great joy with squeals and lots of babbling
is just beginning to put weight on her legs
hold a rattle and shake it
turn her tongue to the side
and chew the hound out of it


turn the pages of a cloth book
roll from stomach to back to stomach
can take steps if someone is holding his hands
he is just beginning to converse by babbling
pick up a rattle and shake it
play in my exersaucer


can roll from back to stomach
can converse with you by babbling
can put weight on her legs
hold a rattle and shake it
communicate her thoughts with her expressive eyebrows
smile at her brother and sister

Thanks for reading and thanks for loving us.

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Amanda said...

they are on their way - very soon you will have 3 Landon's walking around! What fun:)