Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Fish

Elliott and I had a day out today. We went to the big city for his six month check-up with the eye doctor. Our doctor said everything looked great for now. He does feel Elliott will most likely need glasses by the time he is four. So, we don't have to go back again until the babes turn two years old.

I thought that since going to the doctor is not a whole lot of fun, I would take Elliott to the Bass Pro Shop in our area. We heard they had a big fish tank. Our friend Whit met us there. We were able to see big fish, a stuffed bear, and a stuffed fox.

"Whoa, Mama, did you see that big fish?":
Whit fed E some of her French onion soup at lunch and he couldn't get enough of it. He even showed off his "more" and "please" signs for Whit.
When I called home to check on the girls their Nana answered the phone very much out of breath. She and the girls were having a parade. It is good to be able to leave some children behind and not have to worry about them.

When I got home the girls helped with the groceries Elliott and I had picked up. Mazie unloaded the bags, and Lucia brought me the beans to put in the pantry.

We have brought the dogs in for the cold night we are having here. We hope you are warm and snuggled in tight wherever you are tonight.


kelly said...

i find myself visiting your website daily. It is so wounderful seeing the children growing and expericening so many new and wounderful things.It fills my heart with so much joy to see what a wounderful job you and holly are doing with your children.Keep up the good work. love you all

Loving Landon said...

I bet Little E will look cite with glasses...It is so nice to have so much 'help.'