Monday, November 17, 2008


My mom, Grancy, came to visit last week. The babies enjoyed playing with her, and she cooked H and me lots of good meals. A fun thing she did was call my grandma and put her on speaker phone. At first Grandma talked to the babies, then at one point she laughed. Well, that cracked my babies up. They spent the next ten minutes laughing on the phone with one another. Grandma would cackle and the children would crack up laughing. It was very sweet.Grancy also brought us a heap of clothes. As a family of multiples we have come to love, and quite frankly rely on, hand-me-downs. Our favorite clothes have been worn by others before us. The second best thing to hand-me-downs are yard sale clothes. My mom happened upon a church rummage sale and brought us a bunch of clothes to help us through the winter. She was also kind enough to buy the girls (new) coats for the winter. They are faux-fur coats with a little bunny tail in the back, and they came with a muff and (Anna Karenina-style) hat with bunny ears. The girls loved wearing them to church Sunday. Poor Elliott had to wear a rummage coat (we've found him a navy pea coat we are going to order), so we didn't bother to take of picture of the poor little man.
The first photo is of Grancy playing with the babes. The next two are of them on the phone with Grandma. The two above show the girls in their new coats. The photo below is of the babies in some of their new shoes.

P.S. I dont' really know what style hat Anna Karenina wore, I just get a Russian vibe from their new hats.
P.P.S. I have heard some around these parts pronounce faux-fur as "fox fur." Rest assured, the girls are not wearing fox coats. We are reliant on cheap clothes, after all.


The Sweetest Bean said...

what a good looking crew in that stroller! fancy new shoes and pretty coats! oh my! i'm glad y'all had such a nice visit with your mom.
love to you all,
rachael, summer, and seth

Todd and Randi said...

Their coats are precious! Nothing frilly around these parts, just boring khaki.

mom/grancy said...

dearest ones.
i had such a wonderful time being with all 5 of you! the triplets are growing so - especially in personality, talking (and sounds), and intellectually. they are each and every one a delight. being with y'all and remembering the time with you warms my heart and fills it with love for y'all (and the same for avery and her parents, too).
thanks for the pix with the coats. i am so very glad that they and you like them. in my (not a bit prejudiced) mind, they look adorable.
the stroller pix shows them in my personal(ly) favorite shoes. i'm am glad to help out in any way i can. that's what grancy's are for - loving her children, their partners, and her grandchildren.
with all my love to each of you,