Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Scenes

Here are some random scenes from our life over the past week or so. The babies have been feeling good and continue to develop and grow. The photo above shows the climbing that is going on. All three can now climb on the couch, chairs, hearth, dishwasher door, and various toys at any given moment. I really don't like it, but they love it. We continue to work on "on your bottom."

Lucia has found she loves to stick her legs through her crib slats. She can see Elliott's crib from her crib. They often screech and scream before they settle down to sleep. She and Elliott have also learned to jump on their mattresses.
I like this sweet picture of Lu. It shows her dimple and pretty smile. Lu is our sweetheart and social butterfly. People frequently comment that she is always smiling. Of course she is also the one with the temper, but we won't discuss that now.
Here is Elliott trying to balance a pea on the spout of his cup. He was not successful, but he enjoyed trying.
Thankfully, each of the babies loves to read. Elliott is our biggest reader. He will most often chose a book as his toy. This space by the couch is his little area that he has started taking books to lately.
This is Elliott reading his favorite book: The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. Elliott has also entered the mode of "read it again." He loves to hear the same book over and over. He sits in our lap and as soon as we finish reading the book he holds it back up to our face to get us to read it again.
Mazie likes the dolls the most. She will go pick one up and carry it around a while. She'll give them hugs and kisses. Here she is biting Spring Flowers' toes.
Mazie is our little climber. It is such a fun game to her. She doesn't much care that we want her to stay "on her bottom." She is going to climb and stand anyway. Here she is standing on one of their riding toys as if it is a surfboard. Luckily she has pretty good balance.

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