Monday, November 3, 2008


I write about how the babies pull hair, steal toys, and throw fits, and they do these things quite a bit. But, they also do at times show a fondness for one another. On our walk yesterday Lucia reached over and grabbed Elliott's hand and they held hands for a minute. The photo above is of them holding hands toward the end of a meal. We haven't ever directed them to do this, and they haven't done it since. (Ah, the importance of always being camera-ready.) They held hands for about a minute. I thought it was a sweet shot and wanted to share it with you.


Rap Report said...

i could not love that picture any more. so sweet and so amazing that you were able to capture it! well done. love, tia karen

mom/grancy said...

oooh! how very sweet! how wonderful to see!
make a big copy of this and frame it. so in the future when they are arguing or fussing at one another, you can show it to them to remind them of how sweet it is when they are loving toward each other.
all my love, grancy