Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? NOT US!

Did you know that in the story of the Three Little Pigs, the mama pig gives each pig a quarter each week and tells her little piggies to save them for something important? The first pig buys candy with his, the second spends his on new clothes, the third saves his money. At the age of eighteen their mama sends them out into the world. The size of their savings determines how they choose their building materials once they move out. I had never heard the entire story until H read it to the babies last week. The full fairy tale is a good little economic lesson.

We had a good "first" Halloween as the three little pigs. Last year we had our bunch swaddled in bed by trick-or-treat time. Last night the babies held up for the three and a half hours and ten stops of trick-or-treating. They got bubbles, fun bath soap, some good candy, and a lot of loving.

Lucia's pig tail:
Elliott at the bank, wishing to be outside:
Mazie, admiring the pretty curios at the bank:
Lucia at Nannie's house; she loves to eat pine straw:
Elliott walking on his hooves:
Mazie and the dog looking up in the sky:
Nannie and Mazie petting the yard dog:
The girls with Nannie:
Nannie with her three pigs:
Aunt Janie and Sherri with Mazie and Lucia:
The Irish triplets with our triplets:
Elliott and Uncle Dee playing some ghoulish songs:
Three pigs at a piano:
Uncle Clay Clay with Mazie:
Now who are the pigs? Aunt KK and Dee look funny:
Lucia admiring the tons of loot this princess has acquired:
Mazie likes the pumpkin:

Lucia pig:
Mama Bee and Elliott:
Aunt TIfftiff and Maze:
Three pigs on a Hog:
...and Lucia transfixed by...
...Krystal the Clown:
The babies with two of H's employees, Krystal and Steven:

Happy Halloween! Don't eat all your candy at once.


Loving Landon said...

Sandi votes for three blind mice next year! They looked adorable - glad you guys had a great time...

mom/grancy said...

thanks for all the pix.
they looked so adorable.
love to you all, grancy