Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Children's Museum

The Children's Museum had so many activities for the children. I had never been to a children's museum before. There was such a variety of things for the children to try. I thought that they might be too young for it, but I think 2-5 is the perfect age for this trip.

There was a food section to explore.
Slides and tunnels to climb through.

A kitchen to play in.

A delivery truck.

There were lots of wheels to turn, wheels that move cranes.
The museum also had an elaborate contraption that took up a whole room. The kids could put colored balls into it and watch them move around the room, through various turns and tunnels and twists.

The three also enjoyed playing on the expansive train table.

Magnetic fishing.
More tunnels.
One of my favorite sections for the girls was the tap dancing section.

Elliott brought his grocery cart into the performance area and took his food out and put it back in and took it back out and put it back in.
There was a cute and fun Curious George section.
Elliott spots Curious George
Here is a notebook of the original sketches and notes H. A. Ray made.

A little putt putt.
We hope to get back to the museum next year. We had fun.


Jeanneoli said...

What a fabulous museum!! We have a wonderful one in Denver.

karen said...

Wow, that place is so cool. I love all the pix. They sure are growing up quickly.