Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

Another fun thing we did in Atlanta was go to the Georgia Aquarium. We had a wonderful time and the children really enjoyed it. Above is a picture of us enjoying a warm beverage at the CNN Center after we saw the fish.
One of the highlights of our time at the aquarium was getting to see Santa feed the fish. Whenever anyone asked the children what they most enjoyed seeing at the aquarium, they almost always answered seeing Santa feed the fish.
Seth and his lovely mamas spent most of the time with us. Our children get along so well and always enjoy being together. It was nice to see them experience different venues together.

Elliott would some times tell about Santa feeding the fish, some times he'd tell about the alligator.
One of the things I most enjoyed was this beautiful ray. He was so graceful and expansive.
In this picture Lucia is saying she wants the orange fish. About once a day she says, "Orange is my favorite color."

I think the mascot of the Georgia Aquarium is this fish. I don't think he's a clown fish and I'm fairly certain his name isn't Nemo. However, he was all those things to us as we've recently got Into Nemo.
Our beautiful friends made the day extra special. They are always a delight to be with.
Sometimes it wasn't just sea life that caught our little people's attention.

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