Monday, December 21, 2009

Hotel Staying

This past weekend we went to Atlanta for the weekend. We spent a day with my grandmother and a day with our dear friends. We had a great family trip and did lots of fun things with the children. Our hotel was at Centennial Park which was decorated beautifully for the holidays. Below is a picture of Elliott and Lucia enjoying watching the birds and lights and flags in the park.
The children also enjoyed playing with the radio. They played us lots of fun music. Jazz was their favorite genre for the weekend.

One night we went down to walk around the lobby. A bride and groom were exiting one of the ballrooms. Several attendants shared the bubble wands with us, and we got to stand in their tunnel and blow bubbles at them as they left for their honeymoon.
The biggest hit of the hotel stay though was the elevator. One side was glass. Elliott especially was tentative at first, but they got the hang of riding it up and down. They enjoyed watching people go up as much as they enjoyed riding it themselves.

More photos and accounts to follow.

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