Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Parade

Last Saturday we went to the town's Christmas parade. The children were so excited. We talked about the parade for a week before it was time. They very much still love the marching band, the candy, and the fire trucks. It was very cold (for us) that morning so I made hot chocolate and bundled the children up.

As you can see below, Elliott is becoming more comfortable with parades. He usually stays in the car and watches. Today he felt he could venture out and pick up candy.
We are proud of our Mama Bee. Her business's float won an award. We thought they were very deserving and the best float out there.

Our children have had limited contact with Santa thus far in their lives. They think Santa's main job in life is to throw candy off fire engines.
After the parade, we went to the local blizzard blitz and let the children play in the snow.

They enjoyed the bouncing purple horse the best. Mazie and Elliott were brave enough to get in, but they didn't jump around much. Lucia did not want to get in...until we were pulling out of the parking lot.
We hope you are enjoying your holiday festivities.

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Loving Landon said...

What fun! hope ya'll had a great christmas!