Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don't DIY, updated

Here it is a week before Christmas. Here it is: my wreaths that I thought I'd undertake for the holidays. One, above, unfinished due to, among other things, running out of yarn. The other, below, uglier than a run over possum.

Before the holidays, I saw a gorgeous book wreath in a Pottery Barn catalog and thought I'd try to make one for our mantle. Once I was almost finished, many-a glue gun burns on my finger tips, H said, "Why don't you just Google 'vintage book wreath'?" I was too frustrated at the time, but have since found two versions I'd like to try in the future. Yes, two. There is nothing much cooler to decorate with than books.

Click here to read the blogger's instructions for making the acceptable wreath above. This link for the lovely wreath below. *I didn't mean to be unclear. These last two wreaths are from other blogs. I have not attempted to try them, but I hope to before 2021.


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