Saturday, January 31, 2009

What we've been up to

What have you been up to lately? We've missed you.

The babes are still working on their verbal skills. They are repeating a lot of words we say. We are working on throwing and chasing balls, and each other.

We are finishing up our third week of only taking one nap a day. The transition has gone pretty smoothly. The first two weeks we had Lucia sleep in a Pak-n-Play in our bedroom. Since she usually wakes up first, this kept her from waking the others. Over the past couple weeks her nap time has continued to get longer. I would say they average napping two and a half hours a day. That is pretty good. The days where they only nap an hour and a half are tough for me. But, most of those days were in the beginning. The naps have continued to lengthen and I feel good about where we are right now.

The children like to watch the talking Elmo doll they received for Christmas while they eat. When Elmo throws his head back to laugh, they throw their heads back to laugh too. Lucia calls him "Ah-bah."

Mazie has taken to wearing bracelets. When she first started wearing them a week or two ago, she would walk around with her hand up to keep the bracelet on.
Our friend T, eleven years old, killed an eight point a couple of weeks ago. He and his dad brought it by to show Elliott. Elliott was quite impressed and thinks T will be able to teach him a few things in a couple of years. (T and his two brothers are also excellent fishermen.)
My Mom visited this week and the chidren had fun playing with her. Thanks for coming to see us, Grancy. Here is Lu and Mazie reading books in diaper boxes and enjoying being together.
We hope you had a wonderful January. Like our friend Karen just said, "only eleven more months until Christmas."

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