Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bubby the Builder

Elliott loves to figure things out. The last time he was here, my dad cut a piece of plywood to the doorway of our front porch and attached it with a hook and eye on each side. We like to play on the front porch in the morning because it is cool, but we wanted the children to be contained. The three were out there one morning and I saw Elliott examining the hook and eye. I said, "Bubby, don't touch that; leave it alone." He looked up at me, back at the hook and eye, and then back at me and then very quietly said "Uh Oh." I knew to go look. He had already unhooked both sides.
He also loves to make towers. Just about the coolest thing to him is to stack items on his sippy cup. He really likes to do this at supper with peas or carrots or pieces of chicken. In these pictures he is stacking his alphabet blocks on his milk. His Mama Bee and I love to watch his little mind work.

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