Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Showers

Yes, we let our children play nekkid in the rain. We let them run around barefoot. We even don't really mind all that much if the eat dirt and sticks. We like that they like to pick up dead bugs and show them to us with enthusiasm (though we usually don't hold their pet dead bugs ourselves). We love that they will pet frogs and goats. We love that some of their favorite toys are sticks and rocks and water.

We love that our babes are some happy country kids.


Anonymous said...

ebbe a ti piazzi sta a gulu all'aria

Anonymous said...

merda cazzz sti bimbi merdosi ke nn si coprono le kiappe
metteteli na sarsiccia ar culoooooo

Loving Landon said...

How fun!!!!!! Looks like fun times are being had in LA.