Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nekkid Booty, Nekkid Booty

We usually go down for our nap right at one o'clock. I let the three play a while when they go down for their naps. They fill their cribs with dolls and animals and books. I encourage them to read to their charges. They talk and sing and bounce. I will let them do this for a while. If they don't start settling down within 30-60 minutes, then I'll go in and pull them out into the pak-n-plays that we have set up in the other two bedrooms. When they don't have any audience, they settle down much quicker.

Yesterday, after LEM had been down for a while, I went to listen at the nursery door. I heard lots of laughing and lots of "nekkid booty. nekkid booty." I opened the door and found Elliott and Mazie naked from the waist down. I redressed them and took the girls out and put them in the other two bedrooms. They all settled down quickly and went to sleep. When I went to peek in on them, I found Mazie had restripped. She was apparently intent on sleeping with a "nekkid booty." I left her to sleep peacefully. (And no, she did not wet in her crib.)

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