Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gandy and Chap!

The three do not have their own language, but they do make up lots of words. One of the things they love to do is put -deedee at the end of a word. As in, "We bumped headsdeedee" and "Look at him bounce-deedee."

The first word that we noticed them making up was Gandy. They don't play Gandy too much anymore, but when they were still sleeping in pak-n-plays they loved to play Gandy. For example, say Lucia is in the pak-n-play, she puts her hands up flat against the mesh side and says, "Elliott, let's do Gandy." Elliott then puts his hands against hers, just the mesh side between them. They used to play this all the time. I can still hear Lucia so clearly saying, "Yet's do Gandy!"

Something that they are doing now is Chap! Chap is something they say when they have something that matches someone else. For example, if Lucia and Mazie both have a purple crayon, they will touch the crayons together and say Chap! I think it started when I taught them how to clink their sippy cups and say Cheers! Around the same time they were learning about matches. I think they somehow integrated the two concepts to get Chap!

Other favorite words are GahGah and Bucko, though there are others as well. Lucia and I frequently have conversations that go something like this:
Me: What does GahGah mean?
Lu: It means Bucko.
Me: What does Bucko-deedee mean?
Lu: It means Buhdalay GahGahdee.

Thanks for reading and have a bucko-deedee GahGah until we post again.

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