Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Sayings

Here are some more saying I enjoyed this week interspersed with pictures from a birthday party we went to last weekend.

Lu: Mama let's play a few while.

Lu: Let me lock it by my whole time. (by myself)

Mazie: Mama you hold me in my lap.

Elliott: My stomach is upset because I want some candy.

Mazie: Mama I enjoyed it to the oatmeal.

Lucia: I ever not see my baby.
Me: What does that mean?
Lu: I can't find my baby.

Elliott took the arms off the bionic woman doll I had as a child and was talking to her, calling her Lonica. "Lonica, Lonica, do you want to play with the truck? Lonica, Lonica, are you hungry?" He kept repeating Lonica, Lonica. I have no idea where he got that name.

Mazie was irritating Elliott who was nicely playing with his dump truck. I told her to go find something else to play with.
Me: What do you want to play with?
Mazie: I want to play with No thing.

Mazie: Is it time to not go night-night?

We have a favorite book called Wacky Wednesday where you have to find all the wacky things that have gone wrong on each page. Now whenever anything is amiss, we all love to say, "That's wacky."

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Loving Landon said...

Love E's little/big boy haircut! Very much like L's