Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we hear

The past six months, during my absentee blogger phase, I kept notes on scraps of paper. I love the language development of this stage and wanted to remember as much as I could about what they said and the way they said it. Below are the tidbits I recorded over the past six months. Some I thought were funny, others interesting.

One of the main things I notice about their language development right now is that they don't choose the correct preposition. They also put words in nontraditional places in the sentence (like the popular "I ate my cereal all").
Lucia: Shoes not go on your hands. Shoes go on your foots.

Me: Elliott, don't spill your water.
Elliott: I not will.

Mazie, as we were walking into church: Be on your best hay for.

Mazie: I not did stick my hand in the toilet.

Elliott, wanting me to pull his blanket up higher: Cover me up faster.

Lucia: I'm thirsty for gum.

Me: I'll get you some more water, but don't spit it out.
Elliott: I not will.

Lucia, telling me she did the entire puzzle herself: I did that whole time.
Also: I did it whole myself.

Lucia: Be careful. These are fragible and breakable.

Mazie, handing me her doll to watch: You hold she.

Lucia: I'm sorry to step on your foot.
Also: I'm sorry to do it, Mama.

Lucia: Thank you for the juice, Mama.
Me: You're welcome, Sweetie.
Lucia: You're welcome too, Mama.

Mazie, wanting me to get her out of her car seat: Buckle me out.

The various ways they've pronounced guitar.
Lucia: ca-tar
Elliott: tar-guh
Mazie: big-tar

Mazie: We going to save it to later.

I didn't write down who said this one. Trying to ask "What is its name?" one of them asked, "Whose name is it?"

Awhile back, Elliott pronounced yes like the letter Y. He would even say "Y sir." Several times I had to tell people he wasn't asking Why? he was saying yes. One day I even heard him singing "Y sir, Y sir, three bags full."

Lucia calls any kind of bread cornbread.

They still pronounce spoon soon. I drop my soon. I need a soon.
And, they pronounce school sue. Are we going to sue today?

Lucia still does not pronounce her Ls. The Y sound she uses in place of the L is very pronounced too. One of my favorite things she's said was about a shirt that got dirty: "Yets put it in the yawndry."

Mazie: Let it cool off. It's very big hot.

Lucia, instead of saying it is very big, she'll say: It was huge big.

Me: Baby, just keep it for later.
Lucia: Ok, I would.

When H came in from work Elliott asked her: What you been?

One night I overheard Elliott say to his sisters: Let's talk. Hi Guys.

Elliott: I ate my cereal all.

Me: Are your shoes wet?
Mazie: They not are.

Elliott: We need a yawyeyball. (volleyball)

Elliott, with an open box of bandaids, putting one on his toe: Mom, we're getting bandaids because our stomachs hurt.

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