Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Takes

In an effort to catch up on my blogging, I am including lots of stand alone photos in this post, little glimpses into the life we've been leading. Above shows Mazie after dressing herself. Below is one of the many picnics they like to have with their animals and babies. Their favorite foods to have during picnics these days are cheese, nuts, water or juice, and ice cubes.

Elliott knows how to turn on the hose. Spraying the hose is one their favorite activities. They love to fill up the bucket of their front end loader and then dump it out, splashing it everywhere.
Below needs no explanation.
Elliott loves to prop him a pillow up and cover up when watching tv or relaxing.
Playing in the sink is a favorite activity, whether running the water or sitting in the sink.

We saw a gopher tortoise when we were on a walk.
Everyone has gotten to ride on the tractor with H.
They love stickers and I find them everywhere. Usually on the floor but often times in unique places.
Elliott loves to play with his cars and trucks. Below he is using the door frame for a track.
Mazie has always loved her babies, but recently Lucia has begun to love her babies too. The girls are often playing with their babies together. Though Lucia still loves the trucks too.
Probably my least favorite development is being able to get in the pantry and refrigerator. I am sure in the near future I will devote an entire post to this newest happening.
We still love to play in the rain--when it's not tundering because Elliott does not like tunder.
We went to a coastal town a while back as part of a project I will tell you about later. I thought this camellia in the driftwood was so unique and beautiful.
Here are the three in the best photo I could get at our morning at the bay.
That is us for now. Thanks for checking in on us.

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