Friday, January 11, 2008

Foot Rest

This week Lucia has been throwing her legs up on Mazie when they sleep. I've seen her do it three times now. While it is as cute as can be, it also means they probably need to be in separate cribs. Since the arrival of the holidays, we've been using the third crib for storage (a sign you live in a small house). This weekend we are going to clean out the crib and try everybody in their own cribs. This makes us very sad, but months ago we had said that it would likely be the first of the year when they had to be separated. Also, Elliott really does seem to enjoy having more space to roll to his side in and to move around in. Sometimes for naps, when I am checking on them a lot, I still bed the three of them together.


Amy said...

I love the new blog! No wonder I haven't seen you all on the mac site...which I have been checking very regularly. I missed y'all! The babies all look so big already. And happy too! Thanks for sending the new link.
Much love to you all,
Amy Newton

mom/grancy (grancie) said...

dear dearest ones (well, really, 5),

can't believe how much they've grown since i saw them. they are getting even cuter and cuter. (and, no, i'm not a bit prejudiced!) i hope and wish mazie's digestive system would get straightened out. hopefully, she won't have to go off breast milk.
how are the girls doing apart? i bet that it's harder on you than them. probably my favorite thing has been seeing how they comfort each other. love, hugs, and kisses to all of you, mom/grancy

whit said...
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