Monday, January 21, 2008


Last night the babies slept in their own cribs for the first time. Tiffany and Clay helped us rearrange the room. Elliott's crib had been all the way at one end of the nursery and we wanted to bring him closer to the girls. This makes it easier to check on them when they are all right at our bedroom, and it makes heating the room easier.

The babies seemed to do just fine, as we had to wake each of them up for the morning feed. Lucia and Elliott had been sleeping through most nights, but Mazie always wakes me up to feed her sometime between three and four. Last night she slept from a little after ten until seven. Additionally, she has rolled to her stomach for the first time during their afternoon nap today; she is napping on her stomach, as is Elliott, as I write this post.

As you can see from the photos I took yesterday afternoon, the time had come to separate them. The pictures show Mazie having to deal with Lucia's feet. While Lucia seems comfortable between her brother and sister, Mazie doesn't seem to be having too much fun.


Amy said...

Wow! They are getting so big so fast.....maybe you could cut back on feeding them so much. Ok, maybe not. It's a good thing you got all three cribs when you did. While they may miss being so close to each other at night, they might enjoy more a good night's sleep without a foot in the face. No wonder Mazie has so much to say....."Do you know what goes on in that nursery Momma?....."
It looks like you and Holly are doing a wonderful job adapting to their needs. They are lucky little angels.
Love to you all,
Amy Newton

Ginny Ford said...

The babies are getting so big and are sooo beautiful!