Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Motion

Rolling has become the thing to do in this house. At two am Saturday, Elliott rolled onto his stomach for the first time. I was up feeding Mazie at the time. He was on his side when I started feeding her and flat on his stomach when I finished. He seemed content and was not fussin'. Before going to back to bed though, I turned him onto his back, not so he'd sleep better, but so I would. Since Saturday morning, he has turned on his stomach two more times.

The pattern for rolling over is pretty typical of reaching physical milestones. Elliott first rolled onto his side December 13th, Mazie January 11th, and Lucia January 15th. Elliott is usually the first to try something new. He is standing up (with us holding him for balance) a lot now. He loves it, smiling all the time, sometimes crying when we sit him back down. Mazie will put a little weight on her legs sometimes. Lucia, rarely will practice standing.

As far as "verbal" skills go, the girls lead the way there. Mazie will talk to you nonstop, telling you all she knows. Lucia likes to talk too, and squeal. Elliott doesn't have a lot to say, but he will laugh out loud a bit. It is so fun to have a conversation with Mazie. She will look at you and respond with all kinds of sounds and expressions. You get the sense she really does have something to say. Lucia doesn't converse as much as she exclaims, often cooing and squealing with delight or satisfaction.

Lucia is the comforter. Whenever anyone is upset she is quick to give them a hand to suck on or to put her hand on their shoulder. Even when the others are on an even keel, she frequently touches them in some way. Last week they were napping in one crib. H went to check on them and found Lucia with her hand inside Elliott's shirt sucking on her own hand through his shirt. This week during nap time I found Lucia with her hand inside Mazie's pant leg, sucking on Mazie's knee. Mazie had a round wet mark on the knee of her pants when I got her up from her nap.

We are enjoying watching their personalities emerge and develop.

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