Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Day

H just had her 36th birthday. It was boring in respects to activity. We were going to go to the big city and see a movie and have an early supper. H's mom was lined up to keep the babies as her birthday present for H. The movie H wanted to see was not playing, so we decided we'd still head south and go shopping. We changed plans as we got up this morning and decided we would rather spend time around the house working on some projects and run to Wal-Mart to get the things we were in need of. Our day was sucked into the vortex of lost time and the only thing we can look back and say we did was go to Wal-Mart, never fun, even less so the first Saturday of the month, and eat at McDonald's, never fun, no matter the day. No closets were cleaned out. No shelves were built. No baby clothes were organized. With three babies, we are learning to be flexible and go easier on ourselves.

This morning we did have our friends over for a brunch and later today we are going for a walk in the woods. Laughter. Conversation. Fresh Air. Whatever your stage of life, it is always the little things that mean the most anyway. It is the little things we remember.

Happy Birthday, H, we love you.

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