Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Motto

Happy New Year to all.
A good friend of ours told us this morning that New Year's mottos are the thing to make this year, not resolutions. I like this idea because it gives you something positive on which to ruminate rather than a mark to miss. While I think I will still make a few resolutions for 2008, I do plan to come up with a few mottos to, hopefully, guide me through this year.

Here are the mottos we think the babies may have come up with for themselves for 2008.
Lucia: Squealing does the spirit good.
Elliott: Crawling through the world.
Mazie: More joy, less gas.

We wish you only health and happiness in 2008.


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avery's new year's motto is "sleep is a daily miracle". here's hoping for a fun new blog to enjoy.