Monday, January 7, 2008

Two out of Three on number Four

The babies just celebrated their four month birthdays. Happy Birthday to them. I could really tell a difference this month in their abilities to track (follow my snaps with their eyes). It was also a lot easier to keep them sitting.
This is also the first time I have ever captured two of the three smiling in a photo. I could hardly believe it. Lucia was Miss Smily this photo session; I guess trying to make up for being Miss Whiny the last few sessions.
The babies had a good day today. We took a bath. We (meaning me) also started being deligent today about putting them down in the crib for naps. I have been very lax about putting them down for naps, most days letting them sleep out in the family room in a swing or seat. While this has been fine, the time is quickly approaching where they need to be napping in their cribs. Today I put them down for about an hour before their ten am feed and for a little over an hour after their one pm feed. They fretted a little but overall it was easier than I anticipated it would be.
Tomorrow we go to the big city to see our pediatrician and get our four month shots.

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Ginny Ford said...

Holly & Katie-
I have enjoyed keeping up with the triplets progress and growth. (Casey shared the mac web address with me and I saw the blog entry saying you've moved.) They are so beautiful and I am glad to see all is well. After RSV season when you come to Mobile, you'll have to come visit us in L&D. Katie, it was a pleasure recovering you and being a part of your special day! Take care and I'll keep checking back for more great news on your three.
Ginny Ford
PS - Here is my blog spot I have with updates on my little girl, Olivia. Check it out if you have time!