Monday, October 20, 2008

First Night

Saturday night H and I spent a night away from the babies. While she has had to spend a few nights away before, this was my first night away from them. She and I went to the big city, got a hotel room, ordered supper in, ordered a movie, and did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. We ate hamburgers and Caesar salad and chocolate molten cake and watched 27 Dresses. We looked out our window at the water. Saturday during the afternoon, we went antiquing, something we did a lot before babies. Sunday we walked to brunch before checking out of the hotel. The only negative of our experience was that neither of us slept very well. But, overall, it was a very enjoyable time.

H's mom stayed with the babies Saturday night. Our friends Tiffany and Clay and then Karen also took shifts. When we got home about five o'clock Sunday afternoon we were shocked and amazed to find that the babes had done just fine without us. Hhmmm, maybe we'll have to go away again sometime.

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Rap Report said...

Congratulations! Love y'all.