Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Happenings

We have a few new things going on around these parts. The babies now will go get an item. For example, I can say "Elliott, go get that ball," and he will go get it and bring it to me. They have each done this several times.
When the babies were little I would sing the alphabet song to them and sign the alphabet. It always would soothe them and hold their attention. I have started back doing this again, this time, however, the babies are now moving their hands as if they are signing the alphabet too. Of course they aren't signing the letters, but it is fun to watch them try. They enjoy doing it.
We have a large ottoman in our family room where we change the babies' diapers and dress them. When we got the ottoman (at a yard sale for $25) a few months ago, Mama Bee started the "safe escape." After we finish with the babies, we roll them onto their stomach and slide them down the side of the ottoman until their feet hit the floor. Safe escape! Grandpa and NanaLin have been here this week and have taught (or let) the babies now do this on their own. When they finish changing a diaper, the babies roll over and slide down themselves. They look so grown doing this.
The pictures are of another diaper hat session we had a few days ago.

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