Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Great Weekend

Our good friend Seth came for a visit this weekend, and he brought along his mamas. We had a wonderful time with our friends. Living away from Summer and Rachael makes us sad. We love to be around them and the terrific son they are raising. Seth is just under three months older than our babes. (He was almost born on my birthday.) The four children got along well. We had only a few hair-pulling incidents--Lucia was quite taken with Seth's abundance of hair. Since we don't get to be together enough now, our time with them feels very concentrated and rich. Thank y'all for making the trek down to see us. Hopefully we can all be together again soon.

Here are some highlights from our weekend together.

The babies enjoyed several meals together. (Seth wore the same bib all weekend. My little triplet-overloaded brain cannot even fathom that.)
Since we had an adult for each child, we decided to walk over to the barn one afternoon. It took quite a long time but was very enjoyable.

Seth and Summer.
H and Mazie.
Lucia, making her way.
Seth, on the move.
Elliott, enjoying the flowers.
Mazie, trying to crawl into the horse pasture.
Seth and Rachael looking in on the horses.
Lucia with her favorite snack--grass.
We had quite a lot of rock eating, or at least attempted rock eating. I was never able to snap a picture of Seth with a rock. He is more mature than our babies. While our babes try to eat the rocks, Seth has advanced to just licking the rocks and putting them back down.

We spent a little time with the goats.

Mazie, starting to tire out, got a ride back to the house.
Here we all are barely making it back by dark.
One of Seth's many talents is growing hair. He is very good at it. Summer employed Holly's expertise willingness to cut Seth's hair. She and Seth did a good job, though it did take quite a bit of Nilla Wafers to get through the event.


summer said...

We so enjoyed our time with y'all. I got a bit weepy on the ride home. It just makes me so dog-gone sad that we're so far apart.

The Sweetest Bean said...

what a wonderful post! it does a great job of describing all the fun things that we did. i hope ours does the weekend as much justice! :-) we miss you guys and were so happy to get to spend the time together and watch the kids play and see how much they have grown. we look forward to our next time together. love to you all...

Amy said...

You all have the cutest babies on earth! LOVED seeing the pics and hearing about the time you all shared together. Thanks for sharing!

It's hard to believe how big they are all getting.