Saturday, October 25, 2008


I typed the second half of this post and then about an hour later Lucia and Elliott had an altercation over this orange towel. So, these first photos illustrate the possessiveness going on in our house right now that I write about below. Here Lucia and Elliott are fighting over a dirty, wet dish towel that one of them pulled off the back of a chair. They are dragging one another around the room and playing tug of war with it. They both want the towel for themselves; they both end up crying over the wet towel because I took it away.

This is a pizza box that they fought over a night a while back.
The amount of "interaction" among the babies has been building for months now. While the biting has gotten better, they are now into pulling hair. It is usually the girls who do the hair pulling. Elliott likes to get in their space, walking by and knocking into one of them with his shoulder. We have even seen him lunge at Mazie and bite the air as if he were reaching out to bite her, though he was five feet from her. She still cried.
We are only saying a few words right now. To be honest, I am amazed that mine is not one of them. They are big into stealing toys. Elliott is the worst offender. He wants whatever one of his sisters has. Sometimes we let them work it out, but if the offense is egregious we will step in and referee. We have found that their favorite toys to steal are not what you might expect.
Usually the toys they love to steal are small and very portable, perhaps so they can swoop in, grab, and take off. Their favorites that I show here all have some sort of sensory attraction. The pink duck lights up when you touch it. The yellow smiley face ball makes a jangle sound. The clear ball has a little top in it that spins when the ball rolls. They Love this one. They also will sometimes fight over cardboard, like the pizza box or prune box. They like putting those in their mouths. I imagine they also like the way the pizza box smells.
We are using the sign for share with them to reinforce the word. One other thing I have done a few times is to let one complete a task and then let the other baby sitting there get a turn. We got some really fun "lift the flap" books for our birthday (thanks Landon). The babies love to read these. I have found these books work really well with taking turns because with each page the next baby can lift the flap. The reading goes pretty quickly so they don't get too frustrated waiting for their turn, but I do have an opportunity to direct them to wait their turn sometimes.
I am sure we will be working on sharing for many years to come. "No, Elliott, you can't take Mazie's Camero out without asking her" and "Mazie, you have to ask Lucia if you can wear her skirt on your date tonight".
We hope you have a great day and that someone shares some love with you this weekend.

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Loving Landon said...

I feel your pain. Landon still does not like to share some things but will do great at others. It seems to be a territorial thing.

A friend of mine with multiples played a game where they would pass around a 'desired' object, and each child would get if for 30 seconds (eventually decreasing time) and then a timer would go off. She would then make a big deal about 'sharing' with your friend. Now they are 5 and she still uses the timer hen they are arguing over an items so everyone gets an equal share...just a thought.

hope you are all well-