Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't step in it

As H's mom says, "It tastes good, but you wouldn't want to step in it." My sister and I have tried numerous times to replicate our Granmother's burnt caramel cake. We've tried it together and we tried it separately, always heavily deliberating afterward to see how we can improve the frosting next time. I decided to try again since my dad and Linda were coming to visit. This cake was my best effort yet, still not Granhaysel's, but the closest I've come. I clearly didn't get the caramel onto the cake fast enough, but it still tasted okay.

"Happy brithday, Grandpa."
Grandpa and NanaLin came for a visit this week. They kept the babies one day while I went to the big city. It is always nice for the babies to spend time with others because they learn new things. The babies learned how to get off the ottoman by themselves and how to push themselves on their riding toys. It is a long drive for NanaLin and Grandpa to come see us, and we are always happy when they make the trip. Next time we are going to see them (help!--ten hours!).

"The frog and the sheep are talking to one another."
"Push the sheep's mouth to get him to talk."
"Let me try."
"Give the sheep a kiss."
"Hello, this is Lucia, may I help you?"
"Where's NanaLin? There she is."

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GrandPa said...

We enjoyed our short time with the LEM and their mama' is never a chore coming to see y'all; only when we have to leave and make the long trip home.......
The cake was delicious.....almost as GranHaysel made ...keep trying; I'll keep testing them.....
NanaLin and I had a great time...
Love you all,