Monday, March 9, 2009

Babysitting the Triplets

H and I celebrated 15 years together this weekend. We left the kids at home with my dad and stepmom for the weekend and headed off to a very exotic location: Birmingham, Alabama. We had a relaxing weekend shopping, dining out, sleeping in and seeing a few friends. As with most trips, one of our highlights was coming home. While it is rejuvenating to go away, it is always wonderful to be reunited again as a family.
Grandpa and NanaLin brought balls and a bat and neat baby strollers that the babes love. Grandpa also put the gate up on our play yard; it is now complete. We felt very good leaving our precious ones in their care. Dad said they never missed us. I think the weekend went well for everyone.

My dad and Linda took the photos that are interspersed throughout this post.
The remainder of this post is one my dad wrote about their time with the children:

BABYSITTING THE TRIPLETS NanaLin and Grandpa just returned to KY from one of the BEST weekends we have ever had……we were asked and gladly accepted the joy of babysitting Lucia, Elliott and Mazie for three days and two nights. These kids are the BEST [yes, we ARE prejudiced] in every way…….we were given very detailed instructions about how to care, feed and sleep the triplets……..we used those instructions ‘for reference’ only…….as experienced parents and green grandparents, we do what we can to make sure the triplets are safe, clean [that is biggest challenge],read to, played with, fed and rested… is amazing how easy these three kids make our assignments….

On the ‘clean’ aspect, we were told they may not be that ‘regular’……..well, we’re here to tell you, they are ‘regular’ kids…….now, dirt…that’s a different subject….they all eat dirt, chew on rocks and sticks and chew on just about anything they have their hands….like large chalk for their playground chalk boards….just read that eating dirt is their way of getting more iron to their system…….so relax, Mommies and Grandparents.. They enjoy their walks to feed the horses and chickens and see the goats and sheep….of course, all three of the dogs go with us to protect LEM…….the dogs also enjoy taking dips in all the ponds we encounter on the hour-long walk in the forest of beautiful pine trees. The only problem with their 11 am walk is they tend to fall asleep which causes them delay in going down for their 1:30 nap ….but every day they did take their naps and slept well through the night. Like clockwork …as in 6:30am, they would wake, talk until 7:00am and then were ready to get out of their cribs to face the day….always with a smile and calm demeanor … they all went directly to the front window and would look across the pond at Papa Glenn’s John Deere “truackt’..LEM love that tractor!!

They love their blocks, books and toys……..they are very predictable on which they play with and in which order they play with them….. generally, they share very well…..however, Elliott can tend to be the ‘boy’ and take things away from his sisters……he better learn quickly about ‘paybacks’ or his sisters will pay him back one day….. sweet Lucia always shares with the other two and goes out of her way to do so….. Mazie takes everything in and can speak very well about what is going on…. At snack time on Sunday, NanaLin gave each a sugar cookie in the kitchen……Elliott proceeded to stick the whole cookie in his mouth and tried to take his sisters’ cookies….you can bet he got some feedback from GrandPa on that little move…… I failed to mention…….we don’t see many sunrises anymore….so the triplets have helped us out there..:)

We had such a great time with the Triplets…..we will do it anytime….after suitable ‘recovery’ periods… so we hope the Mommies will ask us to take care of LEM again……….SOON!!!!!!!!


Loving Landon said...

How fun - congrats on 15 years - glad you were able to get away...LOVE the bunny ears!

JD said...

I enjoyed that post and the synopsis of the babies in such a different voice. I am so glad you included it and what a wonderful weekend you must have had!! I love the sleeping photos....

AMY said...

Congratulations Katie and Holly! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend ;) Love, love, love reading the post by perfect! Could hear his voice as I read it, bet LEM kept them going full speed! The pictures are priceless...Love and miss you all.